Saturday, September 1, 2007

Yayyyy! (Ancient UFOs within radar range)

After a long knitting drought (maybe it's just one of those summer things), I finally picked up the needles again, and three of my dormant UFOs are now active again. Woo! Alas, I have only one photo, but that'll have to do.

The first is the sleeveless Sahara I started for a Sexy Knitters' Club knitalong a few months ago. I finally managed to get it to the point where I've joined the front and now I'm knitting in the round till the finish line, a.k.a. the bottom hem. (Well, I'm counting that as a finish line, anyway, even though it'll still need the armscye and neck edgings knitted on after that.)

The second is my long-put-off first pair of Big Black Socks for Socks for Soldiers. I discovered when re-swatching for the third and final item that I was knitting tightly for once, which gave me the right gauge on the needles I have for the BBS. Yayyy! I now have eight inches on the leg of the first sock ... four inches to go till I start the heel flap!

The last resurrected UFO is Brian's Duel sweater ... which I admit wasn't actually even into the knitting portion of its progress yet. But hey! I hand-dyed the yarn and had even managed to swatch, so that counts as being started, right? Anyway, now I have about five or six inches of the back done ... Exciting. ;D Here's the Duel sweater:

Oh, and that's "duel" as in, "I challenge the boyfriend curse to a duel," because this sweater is for my boyfriend. ;)

Anyway! Thought I'd post, since I had an update. Hope everyone else is getting some UFO-banishing goodness done, too. :D