Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tackling UFO's ...

I ran across a great post on JoanKnits' blog, Joan's Wacky Dot System, which is a technique for prioritizing and finishing UFOs ... while still dreaming up future UFO's (grin!)

Me, personally, well, I'm still knitting mini sweaters; sometimes I do a stitch pattern on the front but lately I've knit them plain except I put some beads along the bottom border. Tres' cute and it helps cut into the bead stash, LOL. I must have beads on the brain because I've been spinning alot of beaded yarns lately too!

I did finally finish a fingering weight scarf on size 9's ... nice and drapey. It's a bit wider and shorter than I wanted, so maybe I will block it out. Hmm, does that mean it's not finished yet? I think next up is actually some weaving, as I joined a local study group and will be trying to keep up!

Well, no pictures, sorry(!) but the camera battery died and it's still in the charger with a red light.

Happy holidays all!


CresceNet said...
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Leah said...

Thanks so much Amelia...great post and THIS is really weird...Joan is a lady I've been emailing with because she contacted me for some Knitscene magazines and I hadn't had a chance yet to check out her blog. What a small blog world! I've invited her to join us too :)

Not sure if blocking constitutes an INcomplete UFO. I would so dearly love to vote NO on this one!