Thursday, January 11, 2007

Clapotis crosses Finish Line.

It was a race folks, in the grand tradition of watching cars going many, many, many times around the track. It came out of the starting gate well, slid through the increase sections, bogged down ala Knittyd and The City in the straightaway, and scampered to an exciting conclusion after the decreases. It is finished. Okay, it wasn't fast, it wasn't priority but it is done. I blocked it, but think I preferred it unblocked so perhaps I shall wet down and let it snap back some.
The sproingy yarn and subtle colours are courtesy of Fleece Artist Bluefaced in the Wildflower colourway.

And in the tradition of all great incredible acts, I have already started to forget the tedious pain of the middle section and am fondling yarn set aside for a second one. Someone please intervene.


Leah said...

It looks beautiful ~ and I'm not sure you need an intervention for starting a second one. I haven't done one of these yet and you're tempting me! But...I still haven't finished a UFO so I can't start another project quite yet :)

Leah said...

Oh...I forgot...YAY!!!! ONE UFO BECOMES AN FO! I'm thinking you're eligible for a prize, since you're the first one to finish a UFO and post about it. Email me for some more info, OK?