Monday, January 29, 2007


I sent an email to the Yahoo Group about a new contest but wanted to post it here as well.


An entry into the prize drawing for anyone who posts UFO progress with photos on THIS blog between now and Valentine's Day :) The progress reports need to be something from your list so if you haven't posted your list yet, get busy and post it on the List Blog ~ then get yourself back here and post your progress. be eligible for the drawing you have to:

~ Have posted a list on the List Blog

~ Post progress on something from your list with photos on THIS BLOG

~ BONUS ~ If you post an FO from your list with photos of YOU with your FO between now and Valentine's Day you get a double entry in the drawing. I wanna see your funny little mugs!

You'll have your choice of either custom hand-dyed fiber or custom hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn if you win :) I choose the fiber, but you get to give me some colorway suggestions (hence, "custom") so you won't have to worry about getting bright orange yarn/fiber if orange makes you hurl

READY ~ SET ~ GO !!!!


Redford Phyl said...

If I finish a pair of socks and show them on my feet, does that count as a photo of me? ;-)

Elysbeth said...

Phyl - that's a good point. Probably not a mug though?

Leah, thanks for the reminder of how these dual flavoured blogs work. I forgot all about this one. Sometimes the RAM on the mental hard drive fills too quickly.