Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Guess that Project!

Another UFO is born! This one almost didn't make UFO status, since I *thought* I would finish it the day I started yet. funny am I????

Anyway, I did meet one self-imposed UFO requirement before starting it...I finished a store sample scarf that I've yet to write the pattern for. Which was good...old shale on size 6 needles, longish scarf. Kind of an accomplishment for me:) Egads....I feel a marathon pattern writing day coming on soon. ugh. yuck. I should take a picture of it but I'll probably use the mannequin at the shop and try to be creative since it's going to be a pattern. Anyway, it turned out nice!

So, I had borrowed a few books from Mom, and was leafing through one of them and this thing jumped out at me. Particularly since I'd been sorting through my weird basket of little tiny balls o'handspun granny square crochet project. (I only crochet granny squares, btw. Nothing else) You know that itch you get looking at a book? The fever to grab yarn and needles and KNIT DAMMIT even though it means asking your DH to finish the dinner that's on the stove? It was that kind of project.

I had a few balls of handspun in there that were kinda big to dedicate to the granny square handspun history project and some small amount of wool/mohair on a cone and I commenced knitting right away and truly thought you ladies would never read about it on this blog. It so was not going to be UFO! It was a "study" I told myself, in how natural yarns mix when doubled and knit in no particular order. Ha. But I did discover that I really like grey and reddish brown doubled and knit together so the "study" was successful! I'm such a doofus when it comes to wanting to use up tiny balls of's a sickness and I'm becoming a master at it, lemme tell ya!

So...what is it? Can anyone guess? The first person to get it right gets a small giftie from me!


Elysbeth said...

Very nice yarn combo. And did DH finish dinner?

Silver said...

Dunno, it looks like either a little bag or a hat. Guessing two really general things is probably cheating, but I thought I'd participate in the guessing anyway. ;)

Melissa said...

It's unfinished, right -- but I don't see the needles! Makes it hard to guess. I think you're going to felt it, and it's either a small coin purse or a cozy to go over a water bottle.

Twisted Threads said...

I like the colors. If I were to guess what it will be when it grows up, I would say that it will be a hat.
Karen in northern MI

Melissa said...

So what is it? If we haven't guessed by now, please either go ahead and tell us or post a current picture and give us another chance! Pretty please?

Leah said...

Gosh, it's been so freaking long since I posted I can't remember if DH finished dinner but I think yes (he does occasionally cook!)

And Silver won this one, since she got closest. It's a bag, that I don't have a pic of just yet cuz Mom has it ~ she's putting in a lining for me :) It's a pattern out of One Skein Knitting, a book I've been obsessed with lately.