Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Leah, I couldn't RUN AWAY!!!!

Leah, I just couldn't RUN AWAY. I actually ran toward. I went today to look at the Ashford Joy and the Ashford Traveler. I unfortunatly had to have my son with me so I didn't really get a lot of time to spin but what I did looked pretty good for the first time spinning. SOOOOOO, I purchased one. I'm so excited that when I got home I ordered some fiber to. Everything should be here just in time for me to have to go to work next week, how unlucky could that be. Anyway, when I get her all set up and something spun I'll post so pictures of my progress.


Elysbeth said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! Confetti, Confetti, Confetti...wait who's going to vacuum up all this confetti?

Can't wait to see your goodies.

pam said...


The dog will probably eat it along with whatever I am trying to spin!!!!! This is going to be a very intersting adventure. I will keep you all posted. But, first the wheel must arive and I actually have to put it together correctly then we'll see what kind of a mess I can make of my yarn!!!!!