Friday, March 23, 2007

"That" Shawlette

A while back folks asked for a photo of my shawlette. Here you go:

This is inspired by the Cashmere America Triangular Lace Scarf pictured here:
which uses Barbara Walker's Roman Walk lace pattern. I used BW's Madeira Lace, which looks a bit like spiders.

Have y'all seen the Barbara Walker Treasury Project? I have to knit up a sample just for that! really, I will ... does that make it a UFO? the wanting to do it? hahaha.

And yes, Dorothy, that is handspun. So it doesn't always get "stuck" as yarn in my stash, LOL. It's "Over the Rainbow", a specialty colorway (read: one run only) from Crosspatch Creations -- the purple is wool and silk, the orange is silk and silk noil. All gone now, though a lady at Camp Burton last weekend was spinning the ones she'd bought last summer. Nice to see folks working through their stash!


Twisted Threads said...

Oh my! That is one gorgeous shawlette.
Karen in northern MI

Elysbeth said...

There you go again with the fabulous stuff. And it's still the type of thing I can picture wearing/using. Enjoy it.

Leah said...

Very very pretty shawlette!

Vicki said...

Did you ever write up a patter for this shawlette? I'm interested and I'm sure others are too!

Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

Hi Vicki ... sorry to take so long to respond! Ummm ... I gave a copy to a test knitter and she's long since knit it, but I admit, the whole get it on the computer thing (seriously, her copy was on a scrap of used paper!) is still "in the works..."!!

Thanks for the interest, though, maybe this summer with the longer days, I'll get back to it!