Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Yep, Amelia has won the mug shot contest :) She posted a pic of herself with some spinning FO's and out of five of you that did so, she's the one.

So...Amelia...you can choose either yarn or spinning fiber for your prize and then either send me a photo of a colorway you particularly love or want or NEED or three of your favorite colors for me to use in your custom dyed yarn or fiber.

In other news, I'm in a serious UFO slump >:(

I was trying to get sick the other day (which I evaded by slamming Airborne and Vit C), and I couldn't focus on much so I putzed most of the day away by hand-washing a fleece. My silly scarf-vest is sitting on the coffee table staring at me but I can't seem to get into knitting right now at all! And I'm having the Big New Project Itch because I washed the darned fleece! I did it in a super slow, putzing fashion which I blogged about on my Yarn Tales blog and most people are horrified that I would do it that way but pffft on them...it's fun for me!
I'm way more into spinning these days and it does go like that sometimes but usually results in me wanting to start new projects. I am NOT going to do that! Well, not until I finish at least ONE FREAKING UFO!!!!! Will it be the mitten? The shop ripple scarf? The scarf vest? I know it won't be the remaining Yukon Sock or the Mesilla tee...hahaha!!

I'm actually thinking of ripping out the Mesilla tee, which is almost finished but I dunno...man, that's tough for me. It doesn't help that all my handspun is sitting out in a basket winking at me like a two-dollar hooker all the time, and one of my favorite skeins is sitting in front of the basket on a shelf wanting to be Mrs. Beeton knitty.com cuffs.

I did finish my Dad's other Christmas sock a couple weeks ago...did I even mention that? I know I updated my list :) He loves those things, Mom says he wears them everyday. They're worsted weight Bernat Aspen and LB Wool-Ease (mostly acrylic with some wool) Hmmmm...I know what to make him for Christmas next year, eh?

At my shop's fiber group Saturday, my Mom said she doesn't have UFO's because if something is sitting there not finished she just rips it out so it doesn't make her feel guilty! I was flabbergasted!!! Are you KIDDING me Mom???? She does have one UFO she can't tear out and it's a reversible cable scarf in angora/merino. That's it. I couldn't believe it. Wow...you think I'd have picked up some of that devil-may-care gene, wouldn't you?

I have finished a couple spinning UFO's so that's not all bad, right? I plied up a huge skein of some over-dyed alpaca (it was light brown and I over-dyed parts dark green - photo shows the unwashed skein) BUT there were some singles left on one bobbin and I found a little bit of fiber left over in a bag soooo...I'm going to finish spinning that to go with. I suppose that's just a half-a*$%ed FO. I did ply a little store sample of some romney/mohair off a spindle yesterday. That counts!
And then I spindle-spun some baby doll southdown and jacob roving ~ just a teeny little one ounce maybe ball I got from a friend to try...of course, there's no more to be had so I spun this pretty fine. I really love these colors together...it's a blue/dark grey/white. I thought about plying it with something else but I don't know...why shouldn't it join my collection of teeny sample skeins wanting to be something? I really want to see how this feels anyway plied with itself. I wish it had just been the southdown on it's own. I have almost-lace-weight ~ I spun it with a long draw, which took me forever to get down on a spindle but I really love doing it with the right fiber. Not sure how much it will poof but it'll probably be fingering weight when it's plied :)

That spindle is one of my very favorites ~ pretty light and it spins forEVER...I got it on Ebay because a lady's dh was giving it all up since he was allergic to the sawdust from exotic woods. Bummer, because that guy is an amazing spindle makin man! It's zebrawood.

Ok...enough rambling. Enough avoiding UFO knitting, or dyeing, or finishing the laundry or vacuuming the floor or cleaning out the rabbits' area of the garage cuz BABY, IT'S GONNA BE 33 TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

Oh wow! I won! how cool is that. I'm suffering from terminal UFO'ness too -- I realized the project sucking all the oxygen right now is a new one. Never been ignored. After 12 rows on the Jacob tote, that's idle. And today is the spinning study group! So much for any forward progress on UFOs today. And, to cap it all off, it's snowing! Wow! light fluffy stuff, but I thought we were done with snow.

Any-how, my prize ... oooh ... fiber. If it's not too hard I've been dreaming of a black/purple/red combination lately. If it is, I also love marine-ways (blue/green) and purple-pink combinations. This is why I never get anything done -- oooh, look at the pretty colors!

Elysbeth said...

Okay, when did you get the spindle? Any still there?

Yay! Amelia!

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