Friday, February 9, 2007

Update, sorta kinda

Since I originally posted my UFO list, I've found a few others... and decided to add my WIP's, just so I get credit for something if and when I get them done! So take a minute, take a look at my list on the other blog, and tell me I'm a crazy woman for having so much started! I do finish things, really I do. In fact, here are a few things that I've finished since Thanksgiving, just so you know I'm not a hopeless dreamer:

Aqua Cashmere/Merino Ribbed Hat (I want to make a matching scarf -- maybe this should be a UFO!)
Fair Isle/Bohus Cashmere hat, toddler size
FairIsle Lace Girl's Cashmere hat
Cashmere Shawl (gift for a friend)

AND I did a small cap and baby shawl for a friend's new baby that I failed to photograph before giving it away.

All my designs (if that counts for anything!). None of these were ever on my UFO list, so they don't "count" for that, but I wanted to share anyway.

- Melissa


Elysbeth said...

Waiting for that cashmere shawl on my doorstep. Oh wait, it's not for me. Rats. Lovely colour work.

Leah said...

You do some amazing knit work ! Lovely, lovely stuff! And you're list is pretty darned impressive, I must say ;>