Monday, February 12, 2007

Break from UFOs

Took an afternoon off from finishing UFOs to create a felted valentine for my spouse. Fast, easy knit, and you can find the pattern at:


Elysbeth said...

Very Cute! And it won't break when it's bumped off the table. : )

Leah said...

My Mom made one of these for the shop's Valentine's party in pink...they are really cute! Pretty easy too, except Mom said she hated doing the attached I cord edging :) I've done that edging before and had a lot of fun with it. Did you fill the bowl up with goodies?

Redford Phyl said...

I love i-cord edges. Learned to do them on my first Cat Bordhi moebius bag. This bowl took only 2 or 3 hours, start to finish. And yes, it was filled with edible (non-candy) goodies. Husband can't have candy - he's a diabetic.