Saturday, February 17, 2007

Spiral Rose Pillow Finished

Here's a FINISHED OBJECT -- the spiral pillow in candy apple colored Cotton Fleece, to which I decided to add a knitted rose. Pillow and rose are all my design... should I start an afgan to match? (Is this a group to encourage finishing old projects, or enabling the start of new ones???).

I don't know if I'm too late for this or not, here's a picture of me. I was going to get one of my children to get a shot of me knitting or spinning, but that didn't happen, so I've pulled this one off our family portrait from just before Christmas and filled in my favorite color in the background.
Now, onto my definition of a knitting UFO ... when two of the following conditions are met:

another project is begun
the project is not touched for two weeks, and other projects are

the project is taken out of the main knitting bag to make room for something else

a problem/design decision causes the project to be put on hold

More yarn, or different needles are needed but haven't been ordered/purchased
My spiral shawl hasn't been touched lately (I told you the transition-to-border would do that!), but someone on one of my yahoogroups this morning asked whether or not a pi shawl with feather and fan in the last section had to have a border, and a light bulb went off in my head -- maybe inside of knitting on a sideways border I could end this baby by increasing and doing several inches of a lace pattern that scallops! I'll have to see what the old pros on the EZasPi group have to say about the idea, but I'm sensing a design idea change...
I've spun the singles and done half of the plying for the remaining yarn I need for my handspun sweater. I also took the red skein of Lambs Pride bulky that my 22-month old son kept stealing and petting and turned it into a hat for him. He seemed to like it, but still wants to make off with my yarn and needles!
That's it for now... knit on!
- Melissa


Elysbeth said...

That pillow made me catch my breath and say holy cow! It's really stunning.

Leah said...

yep, I agree...the pillow is gorgeous! Keep us posted on the re-designed lace too. I'm going to hyper-ventilate when I get to the picked up border on the Sheep Shawl, I just know it!

Your mug shot was a little late, but I don't think the gals will mind if I include you in the drawing, which I'm doing today FINALLY!