Friday, February 2, 2007

Feeling like a slacker

I just read everyone's recent posts and now I feel like a slacker (big time). The only progress I've managed is spinning a little more yarn for my sampler socks. On the other hand, the kitchen is now painted and just the flooring remains. Anyone have any ideas on getting my scarf project from my parents house before the 23rd, or my husband gets suspicious, whichever comes first.

Karen in northern MI


Elysbeth said...

Can they mail it to you?

Also, I think painting the kitchen would be more work than UFOing. :)

Twisted Threads said...

Painting is more work any day, but I really didn't want my husband (who has very little small motor control) to do it. I hate scraping paint off of trimwork. DH also gets the mail much of the time.

Leah said...

Well, I'm thinking that if you feel like a slacker, you're in good company here. If we all didn't have a little bit of slacker hiding out somewhere, we probably wouldn't be here bemoaning huge piles of UFO's ;>

Thing is, spinning IS progress! And finishing house UFO's is awesome too!

Elysbeth said...

Could you have it sent to a mailboxes etc and pick it up there?