Thursday, February 1, 2007

Happy Groundhogs Day!

A updating post - the feather and fan shawl is languishing in a lovely bag (we've reached the empty OJ in the fridge stage). Actually, after looking at it mathmatically I decided to work on other UFOs that were more rewarding. Hence, I picked up the nubbly toes from my first handspun and have been knitting up, up and up. Following a variation of Judy Gibson's pattern. I worked them toe up because I thought I might not have enough yarn, but I think they will have nice indoor winter cuffs. More yarn than I thought. Yay! To cheer myself about the Black Bunny Crawl I do periodically go to Carol's Etsy and read dyelot names...Pixie Barf, Mixed Metaphors, Shag Carpet, and a beautiful soft Lily. And I engage in colorful dreams here Sigh.

And, for Leah, blog mom extraordinaire - my Mug Shot Appropriate because I travel all over the country and always carefully pack my coffee mug from Life is Good. It's a little piece of home.

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Leah said...

Ha! Nice try girlie...but no contest cigar for that one...roflmao...