Sunday, February 18, 2007

RUFO ...

And then there's the rediscovered UFO. Really! Wow. Long story, lots of coincidence along the way ...

Coincidence #1 -- I was reviewing old journal entries and noticed alot of references to a "lost" project, spinning shetland locks from the lock into singles, to preserve the color variation in the locks (white to brown) in the yarn.

Coincidence #2 -- my computer has been SLOOOOOW. Did I say slow? slow. slow. slow. IE7, a few other software upgrades -- all had it on its knees.

Coincidence #3 -- the kids' computer died. And DH's old computer turned out to be dead on the table too, once it was dragged out and plugged in.

So, I got a new computer. But, as with all things new, I was short one converter-cable. Wait, I thought, I might have this. So I went through three boxes of the about 10 boxes I still have left to unpack (but, since I've run out of storage space, I've left them packed. All nik-naks, really, or extras, so it doesn't hurt) hunting for old cables/converters.

No cable-converter. But an old spindling project! Yes, you guessed it, the locks-into-singles project can now be resurrected. I started this way back when I was first learning to spin -- it might be 2 ounces total -- so it won't be the hat I originally thought, but it would be a cool part of a hat.

And the bonus find were my skeins of undyed Optim yarn -- yay!!! why they weren't packed with the other yarns, I'll never know. But now I have them again. Yay!!!

No, I haven't fully resurrected the UFO -- I've been working hard to get my new computer set up! And I have cleared the old one of all software except a web browser, in preparation for handing it over to the kids; it's behaving alot better, too, in its reduced state. Now I'm itching to reorganize my office ... I know what I want to do, it's a small matter of turning everything off, unattaching printers, power supplies, etc., and shoving boxes around under tables, tables around, & etc. What fun! Then maybe a treat, some time with that RUFO!


Elysbeth said...

Y'all tell the best stories. A RUFO. *giggle* Thank you for brightening up my morning. And congratulations on finding more abundance in your life.

Leah said...

How fun is it finding that stuff? I doubt when I unpack after the bedroom remodel that I'll find anything that cool though. Funny you should mention fixing up your office...I'm going to have to do that soon, since we're stealing a little space from here for the new bedroom closet and all the computer stuff gets to move and I'm actually looking forward to making it look nice for a change!

Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

hehehe I pulled up the other ten boxes on Friday and DD and I have been slowly going through them. About 3 go back down into storage -- past taxes, really old technical books (the bookcase is full of spindles, or I'd put them up here, really...)

And one box full is going to Goodwill. It's getting easier to let things go!

No fiber surprises in the rest of the boxes, but I did finally find my honking huge dictionary. sesquipedalian, here I come!