Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What Makes a UFO? (update) And Answers

Okay, due-dates help, right? So, the due-date for the "what makes a UFO" contest is now officially 3/3/2007. On 3/4/2007 I'll check over all the entries, put names in a hat, and have someone here (a cat, if need be) draw one. Prize: one lovely blank knitting journal.

Re the Oregon tote, well, okay, it's the Tote Around ... and you can see it here: http://www.knitkit.com/ToteAround.htm. But the pattern is published/written in Oregon, so it's an Oregonian Tote ;-)

The rich colors in my sitting room are actually due to (a) the husband wanting any color other than white in the house and (b) him mis-hearing me when I said "salmon would be nice" -- he thought I said cinnamon! It worked out well, though, with cinnamon walls and a salmon ceiling (aka coral). The gold sofa was my idea ... it brings out the gold highlights in some of the art on the walls. The other choice was blue, but I wanted the room to be warm. For more crazy sofa ideas, I can recommend FunkySofa.

Other colors: my office is lemon with my peach wedding robe (kimono worn over a summer frock) on the wall (no I'm not Asian, I'm just creative); the "belle aire" blue in the bedroom; and the dusky lavender in the hall. The kids picked Barbie Purple and Mountain Blueberry (can you tell, one girl and one boy) for their rooms. The kitchen is wood-paneled, white pine.

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Elysbeth said...

Cinnamon instead of salmon...I love it. After months of institution white, gee that didn't sound right...hotel room bland...I usually go home and paint something. As for DH hearing, the filter is amazing on those ears, twice I say "that ceiling fan would look good in our bedroom" followed by the discussion about how stupid a ceiling fan in a bedroom is, and one day I open my email to a picture of said ceiling fan installed. Okay, what happened the 20 times I said "those emeralds would go with my eyes?" Guess who wanted a ceiling fan?