Monday, February 5, 2007

Mittens of Shame Redeemed!

Oh YAY ME! YAY MITTENS! Yay for wanting to cast on Target Mitten #2!

I took the plunge today and decided to felt the Mittens of Shame (aka Target Mittens) a bit while I was test felting some yarn and contrary to most of my "try to fix by felting" projects, this one worked and so did the hat! The thumb weirdness is gone from the mitten and it fits beautifully now!

As a matter of fact the hat is Tres Cute, if I do say so myself! I even really like the little wierd flattening thing it did when I stretched it around the bowl and then set it down, (crown on the table hence the little bit of flatness) I did felt the hat a little more than I wanted, so took it out, rinsed and wrung, then tried it on my head...a bit tight but still stretchable so onto the bowl it went and I'll try it on a few more times before it's dry but I'm so pleased with both projects now and proud to deliver them to my snow-mobiling best friend ~ they're even better for her now than they were, since the felt is much cozier!

And since I can't ask all y'all to post mug shots and then bail out myself, here I am in a horrid self portrait (in a HAT no less...with no make-up...ugh ~ I'm much better looking when you can tell I have hair... and the hat is better looking on the bowl!)

I'm on a UFO roll though...I finished sock 2 of my Dad's Christmas boot sox and tossed those in the wash with the last cycle of my felting swatches, which I hope wasn't a horrid mistake and they aren't covered in felting fuzz. They're wool/acrylic blend so they won't shrink but...we'll see. I could've make a horrible mistake!

I'm going to cast on Target Mitten 2 tonight, I think, and get that monkey off my back in time for Anne's snowmobile trip next weekend :)

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Elysbeth said...

Wow! Felting fun. Had to smile at the mug shot.